A summary of what I have learnt: Healing

OKKKKKKK, so it has been a while! In the time I wrote my last blog post, I have graduated, moved abroad and have started the journey to really focus on my health.

For those of you that are new, a few years ago I suffered from major digestive issues which really affected my health mentally and physically. I was told by so many medics that there was no real fix and it would be something I would have to manage . .  This really knocked me, however after doing a dissertation of the role of sugar and digestion I thought I would do a summary post on ways I have PERSONALLY learnt to aid my digestive health.

  • Cutting out processed foods: This one for me has been key. I used to have a diet so high in sugar and I swiftly learnt this would lead to an unhealthy body internally. The more ” RAW” something is, the better it will digestive in the body therefore ensuring minimal damage to the body’s insides. I try my hardest to limit sugar rather than exclude it, as I mentioned sugar was central to my diet a few years ago. These days I choose 70% or higher dark chocolate when I am craving sugar.
  • I found out I am intolerant to gluten: I urge everyone to make note of what you eat in the form of a food diary and monitor it closely. I learnt I am intolerant to gluten as well as dairy through trial and error and feel so much better cutting it out altogether.
  • Don’t stress: EASIER SAID THAN DONE I KNOW I KNOW, but scientists have discovered many links between the stomach and the brain therefore when you are stressed your stomach becomes affected negatively. The ways I combat stress are going to the gym regularly and getting enough sleep.
  • PEPPERMINT TEA: This is probably one of my favourites as the properties of peppermint are very soothing to the stomach after eating something that has triggered intolerance or sensitivities. I feel so much better drinking peppermint tea before or after a meal to aid my digestion.
  • SAY NO TO EXCESSIVE MEDICINE: I am no doctor, nor am I suggesting everyone should avoid medicine dedicated to treating stomach and digestive issues, however for me personally medicine was never a long-term solution. Whilst I do occasionally use natural supplements to work alongside fixing my stomach, I try to avoid medicine as I aim to heal my body as naturally as I can.

I feel that researching the topic and being patient in finding information or advice has been crucial for me to understand digestion and MY body. Remember that everyone is different and just because something doesn’t work for me doesn’t imply that it will not work for someone else!


Dairy/Gluten and Soy free recipes

SOOOOO as you may know, I have really been trying to cook my meals from scratch and I feel so much better for it. I am currently in the process of just jotting down all my meals into a word document so I can have reference of everything that I make ( also so I don’t forget what I am making hahahaha) 

Here are just some super quick meals for people who are following a restrictive meal plan and the best part is that all these recipes do not trigger any of the main intolerance groups.

Peppers stuffed with turkey mince and courgettes, this one was one of my faves because I added a lot of flavour to the mince itself such as paprika and chilli, also it is such an easy recipe which is perfect for someone like me. Just boil the peppers for 20 minutes until soft, season and fry the mince until no longer pink and add the spices and stir thoroughly, chop up anything you want as a side salad and stuff the peppers with the mince- I am not going to be all patronising and be like ” add salt to the water” or ” chop up 2 tomatoes” etc because people aren’t stupid, do what you gotta do!

IMG_2924 Honestly who would have thought just a plate of green and red would look so pretty hehehehe

When I made the peppers recipe I made too much mince mixture ( typical lol ) so I had to think of something quite and easy to use up the mince for and what is honestly more comforting than spag bol? I avoid using any garlic or onion as they can trigger inflammation and bloating of the stomach but because of all the seasoning in the mince anyway there is no need for it! I topped the mince on a bed of gluten-free spaghetti and added a tablespoon of dried herbs

IMG_2925 I added fried courgette and red peppers into the mixture to try to boost my vegetable intake without noticing haha, I forgot to mention that I usually fry everything with coconut oil as it contains essential fatty acids that are a lot more beneficial than simple vegetable oil.

Lastly, for those of you with a sweet tooth like me I had to include a super quick and super easy banana pancake recipe that just needs 3 eggs and 2 bananas, as well as the optional toppings of strawberry jam and coconut flakes. All you have to do is mash the bananas, add the eggs and mix well then fry into tiny circles, the frying part is tricky though because they cook very quickly so keep an eye out! The mixture is enough for about 8 smallish circles.

IMG_3058 Lol I could not resist chopping up another banana for the side hehehehe

It’s so weird that 2 years ago I would be eating potato chips or a yogurt for dinner and now I am actually fuelling my body with the right things and discovering I actually enjoy cooking? Never though I would say that lol


Low FODMAP lifestyle

SOOOOO those who know me personally will know how difficult I adapted to American food which left me very ill and full of long-term intolerance which I never had prior to my trip. I was advised to follow a certain plan to make my symptoms better and I just wanted to explain a little about it and what the logic behind it is.

Basically some foods can trigger inflammation and cause problems with sensitive guts and these foods are known as HIGH FODMAP, so the LOW FODMAP as you can imagine are foods that are suitable for those with allergies and intolerance. Truthfully I was shocked to find out some really healthy ingredients can cause intolerances and whilst seeing 70% of fruit in generally is to be avoided I knew I had to start taking things more seriously because I was eating foods that I didn’t even know were making me feel worse.

Some examples of HIGH FODMAP include: Wheat, Dairy, Soy ( yup I was also surprised to be honest) Apricots, Jams, Garlic, Rye, Red Meat, Chickpeas, Apples, Watermelon, Honey and Peaches to name a few as the list is endless

Examples of LOW FODMAP are: Potatoes, Tomatoes, Maize, Chicken, Lettuce, Strawberries ( Thank goodness because I am obsessed with them haha) Bananas, Courgettes, Tortilla Chips, Mayo, Rice Milk ( in small quantities), Eggs, Prawns and Jelly again to name just a few

The problem is, it may seem simple to avoid the “trigger foods” but when you think about it, so much food these days contains a lot of the HIGH FODMAP foods for example salsa has garlic in it if it is pre-packaged etc  . . So the trick is to meal prep in advance and make everything from scratch. I have only just started to follow this plan but let’s see how it goes . . .GULP.

The idea is to then slowly reintroduce food groups one by one to find out which foods exactly trigger symptoms, if a certain HIGH FODMAP food doesn’t trigger symptoms then it is fine to eat again, if something does trigger symptoms then it is advised to be permanently avoided or avoided as much as possible. 

One thing I wanted to add is the recipe for a FODMAP friendly brekkie- PROTEIN BANANA PANCAKES WITH STRAWBERRIES AND COCONUT. This one is so simple and only needs 2 bananas, 1/2 a cup of protein powder in any flavour and 2 eggs. You just whisk it all up into a batter and fry for a few minutes with coconut oil, then top with strawberries and coconut flakes, really quick and easy breakfast that can be eaten hot or cold and doesn’t taste like cardboard. You forget that it is actually healthy because it tastes so sweet and delicious.

GUYYSSSSS wish me luck on this! I know it won’t be easy to follow but I hope it will be worth it to find out what I may be intolerant to.



My fitness tips for maintaining curves


A while ago I posted this picture online and I was asked a lot of questions. I have defo gone through so many major fitness choices in my lifetime, hey I used to be the girl who wrote fake notes to get out of sports lessons in school . . .HOWEVER I have finally found a routine that works for me and picked up some helpful tips along the way.

*Before I start I just want to mention the importance of genetics and being realistic, everyone has a different body shape and sometimes it is hard to go from one extreme to another so whilst these tips may work for me and some others it may not be beneficial to everyone. To add to this, I am not saying one body is better than another! Everyone has their personal struggles and mine has been my shape but I am learning to accept it now*

  • The first thing I did, and sorry it is kinda dull but, I increased the amount of water I drink significantly. I now aim for at least 1.5 litres a day and truthfully I do add squash to give it more flavour haha. Do not underestimate the importance of water for definition as it flushes out toxins and supports the body and all the organs through their individual processes. 
  • Research, reasearch, research! Honestly this one is important! This is no point following a plan that is meant for bodybuilding if you want to slim down etc, likewise there is no point spending hours doing cardio if you want to tone up. By knowing what you want to achieve you can limit and narrow down results and follow those that can help you achieve what you want. In my case I mix cardio with weights because I want to maintain/slim down a little but also keep my curves. 
  • Try not to eat late. This is something I have come to realise after years of eating late and waking up feeling bloated and groggy. I try to not eat anything after around 8 pm ( obviously occasions are different)
  • The stairs are your BFF. Even if you don’t have a gym membership take advantage of stairs as over time they really tone the thighs and hips without even realising. This is one of my favourite machines at the gym as it targets the areas I want to tone.
  • If you want to build muscle you need to increase calories and feed your body after a workout. Without fuel there will be virtually no growth. I am not at the stage yet of wanting to increase muscle but I always make sure I eat something filled with protein after a workout such as Soya yogurt ( I am partially lactose intolerant) or grilled chicken.
  • Cut down on salt! Guys I can not stress this enough! Salt is the number one culprit for feeling bloated and causing your body to hold on to water weight. Salt is often found in high quantities in pre-made sandwiches or ready meals so defo one to avoid. 
  • Small repetitions of weights sculpt and define the hips and waist, don’t be afraid to lift! You will not suddenly become mega bulky trust me.

Also just some things that don’t work:

  • Any supplement claiming you can get curves from doing nothing is BS ( Yes I have seen many celebs promote “curve pills” which promise to increase curves) Trust me from experience they do not work!
  • If you are not intolerant to gluten there is really no need to cut it out of your diet. So many people think gluten-free will cause weight loss but really the easiest way to lose weight is to cut calories and move more. Gluten does cause bloating but do not expect to suddenly change a body shape by cutting out gluten in the long-term.
  • Don’t rely purely on protein shakes for a protein hit. Protein powder is great for a boost or as an extra but more goodness can be found in foods that contain high levels of protein rather than just drinking protein powder shakes after every workout. ( FYI lactose intolerant humans, WHEY protein contains milk so please be aware)

These are just some tips that worked for me, this is by no means a detailed explanation of what one needs to do, but I hope it provides some use!

Underrated beauty and makeup products

OK so, a lot of times people hype over popular things and upon purchase one discovers they are either amazing or just a bit meugh . . .BUT I feel like some underrated makeup and beauty products need to be mentioned. Often it is because they are affordable or have a bad rep that many simple gloss over ( pun intended haha) their powers. 

I am going to get straight into it, first one of my list is Baby powder as a setting powder. I have yet to find something that works so well and is so easy to apply. I bake my face with baby powder almost everyday and I have personally not noticed any clogged pores or skin imperfections from using it. The staying power is phenomenal and it is great for oily skinned girls as it really works to soak up the oil on the face too. At £2 a bottle what is not to love? I would choose baby powder as a setting powder over any high-end brand without doubt.

Looking for a highly pigmented white eyeliner? MUA £1 white eyeliner. This brand received massive recognition last year for its one pound lipsticks however after a major revamp the other products from the range upgraded hugely. I am such a fan of the white eyeliner because it actually stays put and is a bright shade of white, not just a barely there sliver of silver which rubs off after an hour. The creamy formula just glides onto the waterline effortlessly, I have no idea why people pay more for a white eyeliner when this one is simply a dream product. 

Ok I think this next product is discontinued or in process of being discontinued so scan your local Superdrug clearance bins because B. sculpted contour kit is beautiful. I *think* this is a brand developed by Superdrug anyway, I discovered the contour kit last year and after it ran out I thought nothing of it but then a few months later I really appreciated how cool toned the contour shade was, so it differed from a bronzer in tone hugely! The highlight it comes with, a kind of clear gel, was pretty useless so I only used this little kit for the contour and just a few days ago I found one kit in Superdrug reduced to £1.99! I was chuffed! I kind of wish I stocked up on a few of them and best believe I will be going back shortly to see if the store I visited still have them. This contour powder doesn’t make my skin shiny, it doesn’t oxidize and it lasts all day particularly on my nose which is where I use it on the most. 

All of the George at Asda primers! I don’t know the exact names of all of the primers but I am honestly blown away by these little tubes! I really liked the luminous primer and the matte primer as both do what they say. The texture is creamy but still very much liquid, think the texture of a slightly runny moisturizer. I discovered this primer on a whim when I was last-minute holiday packing and ran to Asda ( I literally live next door) to grab the cheapest primer I could find. I was pleasantly surprised and will be repurchasing. I feel like supermarket own makeup often is looked down upon but having such a positive experience with a cheap primer ( it was 3 pounds!) has made me braver to try supermarket branded makeup occasionally as I do believe in the saying ” Buy cheap, Buy twice”

Eyebrow razors! They are sold for less than £1 online and whilst I wouldn’t use them on my brows I love removing cheek fuzz with them because it removes the top layer of dust on the skin too. THIS IS NOT A REGULAR RAZOR AT ALL. It looks like a thin stick with ONE single blade used to remove hair in small areas like the corners of brows but you can literally remove fine hairs in a flash with this tool which makes makeup glide on so much better! Makeup doesn’t get stuck in the hairs meaning a smoother canvas. 

I also really rate L’Oreal mascaras as a whole over high-end mascaras ( you will know how much I rave about them if you follow my posts) and Lauren Goodger ” Lauren’s Way” fake tan! It is one of the only tans that actually is super dark ,like it states on the bottle ,and olive based, you can see results so quickly, but it is a nightmare to remove after it starts to go patchy as it doesn’t come off easily which can be a good thing and a bad thing.

Any products you guys think need more attention? Let me know!

Beauty found in your kitchen?

We have all seen Instagram come alive with a ton of DIY makeup hacks and skin care secrets found in the kitchen, I always thought these were a little bit irrelevant but after doing some research and experimenting some tricks were actually surprising.

As well as many of the norms that are plastered of the internet, I am also going to mention some own great ways your kitchen can help your beauty regime as some of these tips I have used for years.

Lemons- My go-to when I want to remove my fake tan! Lemon juice almost dissolves any patchy tan due to its acidic nature. I apply lemon juice on to a small cloth and scrub in circular motions. It really helps to remove stubborn areas of fake tan much better than many tan removers out there and lemons are literally 30 pence!

Another obvious one with lemons is mixing with baking soda to form a paste and use to whiten teeth but truthfully I have not seen any benefit to this at all. I feel like the mixture may damage the teeth more than whiten as I certainly didn’t notice any whitening on my teeth after doing this for a month.  I guess everyone is different though so it may work better for others.

Sugar- Again an obvious one, but wonderful for any type of exfoliating especially when combined with the lemons! For example, it can be made into a scrub for lips or into an exfoliate for the body, I use one cup of sugar and one lemon to form a gritty paste when I have run out of exfoliating scrub. I think a bonus to this is that you know there are no harsh or nasty chemicals in the scrub.

Egg whites- Whisk one egg white until it is kind of foamy and paste it on to the skin for ten minutes as a mask to target pores. Hey if it is good for Kim Kardashian then . . .

Mayonnaise- Put. It. On. Your. Hair. You guys will thank me later, so nourishing for the hair and it promotes hair growth due to proteins in the egg. I try to do this once a week and I feel that it really seals split ends. I leave it on my hair for an hour then wash off with water and then shampoo.

Honey- Use the TINIEST bit to use as a facial lotion, it really gives such a glow to the skin and whilst I don’t know the science behind it my skin always looks so smooth after applying a tiny drop of honey on to my face. It is slightly sticky but it kind of seeps into the skin, I remove any excess with a warm towel.

Banana- Great for hair and for face. A mashed up banana and honey can be used to condition hair but also to put on to the face as a thick mask to promote radiance. I have never tried this but almost everyone I know swears by this so I need to jump on to the bandwagon!

Coconut oil- Can use for all! Lather it all over the body, put in your mouth as a mouthwash to whiten teeth and get rid of bacteria, use in hair to seal split ends and create glossy locks, use for lips as a lip balm and finally rub into eyelashes for conditioned lashes. Coconut oil has been so hyped up this past year for a reason, it simply delivers in many ways.

Olive oil- This is a fantastic one for cuticles as a little olive oil on cotton wool or a cotton pad nourishes the nail bed which over consistent use helps to grow strong and healthy nails. This is one of my faves. 

Cocoa Powder- Ok this one is for my fellow brunette babes, if you are running out of dry shampoo but need to refresh your hair then a small dusting of cocoa powder on to the hairline absorbs any oil temporarily. I have no idea why this trick doesn’t get more recognition because it works wonders!

Flour- Another one for people who like to fake tan, after washing off fresh tan there is always fear that there may be some colour transfer in areas such as elbows, underarms, wrists, neck and ankles so rubbing flour into these areas helps to create a barrier between your clothing and your skin meaning no stains.

Honestly some of these tricks save so much money and time, for example I can get through a ton of body scrub but I don’t wanna be paying £7 per bottle every two days! Sugar and lemon is literally under £1

Any tips you guys have for beauty straight from the kitchen?



Hair Extension Help

IMG_8130 (Hair extensions firmly clipped in here)

I have been wearing hair extensions for the longest time, so I feel I defo can give an insight! Whilst my hair is not that much shorter than my extensions, I like them for volume and for a little length. Truthfully I have had the same hair extension set for 2 years because I have looked after them well and the quality is wonderful! I got mine from Cliphair.co.uk and my shade is chocolate-brown although I did have to dye them to get them to match better as my hair is very light at the ends. I am honestly blown away by the customer service, the quick delivery and the products themselves. The choice of shades is beyond the standard black-brown-blonde-red colours that a lot of hair extensions seem to focus on. Cliphair offers so many different tones and lengths that it really is virtually impossible not to find something to suit you.  I am wearing two head sets but my mum kindly sewed them on to one track so that it would be less clips! 

One thing I would suggest to make hair extensions last is to avoid putting a lot of product on them such as hairspray as this requires you to wash them more often and then when you straighten them the hair kind of burns. I also try to make sure I leave the extensions to air dry as much as possible before I switch to a hair dryer. I see a lot of people use shampoo specifically for hair extensions but after looking at the ingredients I feel baby shampoo is gentle enough for hair extensions and costs just a few pounds so it saves you serious money.

After I remove my hair extensions I always brush them and store them in a loose bag so that they are not tangled when I next wear them. It gives me anxiety seeing so many women just throw their hair extensions on their desk in a massive clump! It goes without saying, you get what you pay for. I always make sure I buy human hair because it lasts so much longer and looks much more real. Human hair can be pricey but Cliphair regularly do discounts and offers as well as incredibly affordable prices as it is.

If in doubt of your shade, always get lighter! This way you can dye them easier as it is always easier to go from light shades to dark rather than dark hair dye to light. I was really impressed with Vidal Sassoon Hair dye as it was strong enough to dye hair extensions and there was very little colour transfer, in fact virtually none. I did have to use around 4 boxes of hair dye though . . .  Truthfully it was hard to get even distribution of hair dye on to the hair extensions but I would gently massage the dye into the hair and kind of rub it so that there was no patchy areas.

I think so many girls get worried the clips are going to show when wearing hair extensions and my advice would be to put as many clips as you can at the bottom of your hair and work your way up with less clips. The bottom of the head isn’t going to be visible unless you are constantly doing hand stands or something! Also in all my years wearing hair extentions I have never experienced any hair extentions falling out unexpectedly- largely due to the quality of the clips ( touch wood haha)

I would like to point out, whilst clip in hair extensions are one of the less damaging forms of extensions they do still cause damage over long-periods of time and can lead to a stop in hair growth as I experienced a few years ago. I recommend taking Biotin tablets and fish oil to promote hair growth and give your hair a break from time to time from extensions!

Hope some of this info was useful! Has anyone tried vixen and blush clip in extensions by the way? I would love to try out the Russian quality of the hair but wanna know if anyone has tried it? Sadly I wasn’t blessed with the Russian hair genes of my mum and sister. .  .

This wasn’t sponsored or anything! I genuinely love Cliphair extensions seeing as I have tried so many in the past!