Fake tan favourites I can’t live without

I will admit it, I am addicted to fake tanning. I love looking bronzed and tanned, I have been using fake tan for 5 years now so I do feel I know a thing or two about it.

Let me just say: I have never, and will never, use a sunbed. I do not feel it is worth increasing your risk of skin cancer for a tan. I get my tanned look purely from bottles or spray tans. Please stay safe ladies.

OK so nothing is more annoying than buying a fake tan that gives barely any colour right?! So many times I have tried a tan claiming to be medium or dark and it just doesn’t stay on the skin. That is why I want to list my most used tans and why I love them oh so much.

Before I start a few useful tips I have learnt! Removing tan is the biggest pain in the butt, trust me I have done the whole standing in a shower for 2 hours trying to scrub it off for a new coat of tan to put on top. One thing that works brilliantly, and don’t laugh, is washing powder capsules! If you let it dissolve a little and put in on a sponge and gently scrub your skin it gets rid of stubborn patches that just don’t budge! It does dry the skin a little so only do this if you really can’t remove a patchy area of old tan. Secondly, it is so important to build your tan in layers so that it gradually fades rather than start to go blotchy all at once. Two or three light coats of tan makes it so much more long-lasting. Finally, your tan fades if you are using a moisturizer with oil in it, so if you are trying to maintain your tan then stick to oil free moisturizer or even better, products containing aloe vera.

ON TO THE GOOD STUFF, if you know me personally you will know my all time favourite tan is Cocoa Brown Dark. It is a foam consistency and is coloured so you can see where you are applying it. It has a lovely coconut/vanilla smell so doesn’t have the usual soggy biscuit aroma that everyone seems to fear! A bottle is about 7£ and it is sold in Superdrug. To be honest a bottle lasts me about 3 or 4 uses and I usually tan every week. Honestly I have tried pretty much every popular tan and this is the ONE. If I want a tan that will deliver good results I always reach out to this! COCOA BROWN TAN I ADORE YOU. Even more so that the Dark version has recently been added to the collection which gives a significantly deeper hue to the skin. IT ALSO DOESN’T STAIN CLOTHES. A little staining is kinda expected but it washes out and you get very little tan on your actual clothes. Normally it is the underarms that transfer tan so TOP TIP: APPLY BABY POWDER UNDER THE ARM AREA BEFORE YOU PUT ON CLOTHES as it soaks up the residue. If you read my highlight post you will know I also adore the Cocoa Brown shimmer oil to define my skin and delicately add glitter to all the right places leaving me glimmering like a goddess. 

Another tan I recently tried and really rated was James Read tanning lotion. This one isn’t as intense as Cocoa Brown but it looked so professional. He is the tanning legend after all. The tan I tried was a liquid which tends to last longer on the skin than a foam does as foam can be a little drying. This liquid also smelled divine and was coloured too meaning I could see where I was applying it. I got mine at TK Maxx but you can also buy his tans online. James Read tans retail from 10 to about 25 british pounds I belive meaning it is a little more pricey but if you want a really professional tan skip St Tropez and go to this. Sorry but I am not impressed with St Tropez, anyone else with me on this one? 

Fake Bake is phenomenal for a deep tan like Cocoa Brown. As you may have noticed I am not after a natural hint of tan, I love the ” Just been in Ibiza for a month” type of tan. Fake Bake Darker is also a liquid but does come with a spray adaptor which you can use if you want to spray directly on to the skin but I don’t recommend this. A tanning mitt always gives a more polished look as you can blend blend blend. Fake Bake is sold almost anywhere but it is expensive with it retailing from 25-30£. However one word of warning, it does transfer on to clothes more than the other tans I have mentioned yet still gives a lovely deep colour and also appears professional. 

Now in the search for the darkest tan possible I did resort to a reality celeb’s tan, step forward Lauren Goodger. I was worried it would make me look orange as let’s face it, she was never one to have a realistic tan as a lot of people criticized her orange appearance however I was pleasantly surprised. The tan was 18 £ from Superdrug and is in a liquid formula and also is coloured so you can see where you apply. This tan had more of the typical fake tan smell but did give a dark tan. It looked better after a few days as at first it was a little muddy looking but once it washed off a little I was left with a bronzed look. I remember asking the worker ” what is the darkest tan you sell” and she recommend this one to me. It is a little hard to remove so bear in mind that you need to scrub so hard to remove this tan but the colour is deep and that was what I wanted.

Can we just talk about tans I do not recommend personally. If you love the tans I am gonna mention then that is awesome but these just did not work for me.

Boots branded tans, they just seem to peel off the skin no matter what formula or consistency I brought, be it liquid or foam. St Moritz is another. I know so many people praise this tan and I have heard they have redeveloped their formula to a higher end bottle and substance so I should probably try it to see if it has changed my opinion however I didn’t like the original. It turned my skin a tint of green which I know means it is neutralizing with my skin tone but I felt the green tint was visible on the skin. Secondly, it left me with major transfer on clothing and that is not attractive! Lastly, I felt that the colour just looked a little orange. To finish off my post on tans, I also want to mention why I don’t rate St Tropez, for what it is I think it is too expensive. Sure it is a luxury tan, but if you tan as often as I do then it is not affordable at all! I can not afford to spend 30 £ every 3 to 4 applications for a tan when I have my lovely Cocoa Brown tan that is usually on offer in Superdrug for as little as £5. 

If there are any tans you love then please let me know! I adore fake tan and can not live without it! It really boosts my confidence and I feel so much better with it on, which tan is your holy grail product? Any tans you think I should avoid? 


In this picture the tan I am wearing is James Read tan as Cocoa Brown isn’t sold in the state I am studying in so I couldn’t get access to it ( My mum tried to post some to me but the postage people said you can’t post foam products blah blah blah)


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