This highlight? It’s £3!

Ok one of the things people ask me most is about my highlight, if I could I would bathe in that stuff as I love how radiant it makes my skin look.

2016 has been the year of highlighting and contouring retrospectively but it can be so daunting to know where to start, and once you find a product it doesn’t even show up on the skin most of the time or wipes off during the day. With so many formulas such as highlight sticks and powders and lotions it took me a long time to find a highlight I used constantly . . 

and the best part? It’s only 3 pounds! yup I am not joking. . .


Step forward Revolution baked highlight in shade peach lights ( I believe they stopped making this shade NOOOOOOOO) BUT they do have a very similar one from the same brand. Let me explain why it is so fabulous, firstly it stays on all day. You don’t need to worry about reapplying it. If you have oily skin like me you will know a cream product just makes your skin look more oily, so the powder formula of this works wonders if you constantly have to blot your face ( I know the struggle) As well as being affordable, it’s such a natural pink sheen to the skin that it really looks like the light is reflecting in all the right areas.

However with so much hype over luxury brands ( to be honest who can afford to spend 20 pounds on a highlight) I really think I would choose this highlight over most high-end products, trust me I have paid for expensive highlighters and have been so gutted by the lack of shimmer or staying power.

Therefore I wanted to rave about Revolution highlighters because it is the only product you will ever need to highlight, they do more golden toned highlights if you prefer a more bronzed look or they do pearly colours for a more radiant finish. 

However in all my time ( and money!) trying highlighters that do the job, I was also impressed by a few other high street brands that worked beautifully on my oily skin:

  • Sleek Face Form palette ( It has a contour, highlight and bronzer) in shade medium. It contains a beautiful shimmery shade of highlight that looks lovely along the eyebrows as the particles really open up the eye. You can buy it at Boots or Superdrug for £9.99 at time of writing 
  • I wanted to mention L’Oreal colour infallible eyeshadow as a highlight in shade 002 hourglass beige. This eyeshadow sits so nicely on to the skin and is very easy to blend when using under the eyes or above the top of the lip or on the nose. I probably wouldn’t use this all over my cheeks as it might look too “obvious” however this eyeshadow is perfect to highlight smaller areas of the face.
  • A product for the body, rather than face which highlights the legs and collar bones beautifully is Cocoa Brown shimmer oil. If like me you love to fake tan you have probably heard of Cocoa Brown tan ( uh-mazing) however their oil is a staple in my beauty drawer! Your limbs will glisten and look ten times more defined from this oil and it is super hydrating, just make sure you don’t spill it on clothes as it leaves glitter everywhere and is hard to remove! Also I recommend wearing gloves to apply as the glitter does not come off hands very easily, however it is a wonderful product I never fail to use when I am going out and want to look extra glowly.

That’s about it for my recommended highlighters, which are your go to highlighters?? A girl can never have too many! 


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