Tips and tricks for flawless face makeup

It has taken me a long time to figure out a base makeup routine that I can use without fail but I think I have found it.

After working in a makeup store for 7 months I got to learn a few tips and tricks for creating a flawless face, as well as adapting a few techniques to something I find more beneficial. Whilst these tips might not suit everyone, these are just some things I feel are essential for a flawless long-lasting canvas.

I have oily skin so makeup usually slides straight off and makes me look super greasy ( Not a good look!) and one thing I can not stress enough is a good foundation so before I start I just wanted to say I use Clinique beyond perfecting 2-1 concealer and foundation. It is my holy grail product and I have been using it happily for a year. It delivers photo-ready results instantly.

  • A good primer is essential. Whilst many people often skip a primer, I find this to be where makeup starts to slide. Primer acts as a glue for your makeup, putting on foundation on bare skin doesn’t hold as well. As I mentioned in a previous post, I adore ELF poreless facial primer as I feel it can be compared to the Benefit Porefessional. It suits oily skin and also glides smoothly onto the face to ensure a weightless feel to the skin. I believe you can buy this primer online, I brought mine in a supermarket in America. 
  • Carrying blotting papers! A lot of the time, when makeup starts to look a little “blah” it can be because foundation starts to oxidize with the air. Normally I would add more powder to the skin but that creates a more cakey look, so instead of adding extra why not blot away the existing top layer? Blotting papers are less than £5 ( you really don’t need to use expensive ones as they all contain a thin layer of powder in the sheets) and remove any excess oils to mattify the face. Very quick and easy plus doesn’t clog up the skin. 
  • Yes a beautyblender is worth it. Many times I would look at the sponged shaped eggs in confusion thinking it was just a gimmick,but oh how wrong I was. A beauty blender ensures an even complextion, the trick is to dampen it with fixing spray. I find that soaking it with water doesn’t provide benefit but when using fixing spray it kind of seals any product on to the skin. To be honest, it doesn’t have to be the branded variety but an egg shaped sponge is ideal if you are looking to blend liquid products. A beauty sponge really makes a difference as it creates an airbrush look to the face.
  • Use two shades of foundation on the face. The human face isn’t flat, therefore to mask the skin in one colour tends to look unnatural. Mixing 2 shades together, one slightly darker and one lighter and applying the darker shade on the outer parts of the face really creates a more natural shade. As well before I blend my foundation I fix it with ELF fixing mist. ELF makeup tends to be overlooked but the quality of the products are amazing for such little prices. I keep going back to ELF base products because they work for my skin and deliver the results I want without having to pay a small fortune.
  • Bulbous nose contour. Ok ladies so many YouTube tutorials and makeup artists put a little dot of highlighter on the end of a nose when they contour, but if you have a bulbous nose like I do you will know this just makes it stand out more. I don’t know about you but this is certainly not what I want! So instead I use a contour powder to shade the bottom of my nose and then just where the bridge of my nose stops I add a small line going across my nose horizontally and then the highlight! This makes it look like the area you are highlighting is the tip and gives more structure to the nose, particularly when doing the typical two lines down the nose step. It is important to remember as well, in between the eyebrows is the best place to highlight as it draws away attention from the tip of the nose. This trick has probably been my most favourite as I am able to lead attention away from the tip of my nose and direct it towards my eye area through the use of careful highlight placement. 
  • Apply blusher last. I have recently started to apply my powder blush last because I like to see how my makeup looks before I add a pop of colour, this way I can know the intensity I need to use. Sometimes when I apply my blush at earlier stages I realise I don’t even need it for the look I am going for, as usually I tend to prefer a more bronzed and tanned look that doesn’t require blusher. As well highlight and bronzer tend to blend better with each other so by putting blush last you can set it on top of those fierce cheekbones that contouring can achieve.
  • Threading the face. Makeup seems to look so much more flawless when those pesky baby hairs are zapped away. It creates a smoother canvas for makeup and you don’t have to worry about constantly applying makeup in a downwards motion. Threading the face makes everything glide on smoother and means the products actually get on to the skin rather than sit on the surface of the baby hairs. I have only recently started doing this but I have noticed it makes a big difference. 

I hope these little tips were helpful and that they work for you, let me know if you guys know any other tricks that are often overlooked!


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