Clip in hair extension talk

Ever since I cut my hair into a short bob at the age of 16 I have worn hair extensions. I am 21 now and my hair is still just bra strap length but it is slowly growing thank God

img_5083   (This is with hair extensions)

However seeing as I was known for my hair extension use I wanted to just talk a little about how I made my hair extensions look like my real hair, trust me nobody ever even thought I was wearing hair extensions.I wore clip in double wefted hair extensions from a U.K website called Cliphair. My extensions are human hair and I normally wear two packs of hair extensions as I like that really thick and big hair look! Honestly I have tried so many clip in hair extension brands and Cliphair is just so affordably brilliant I have been a regular customer for 3 years now. Sure I would love to try more expensive hair extensions but it just isn’t realistic for a student lol

There are a lot of things I have learnt from hair extensions though, nobody wants hair extensions that look like they are fake!  ( I prefer human hair as sorry but synthetic hair never looks real) I have never tried sew ins or bonded hair extensions as I do believe clip ins are the most gentle on the hair however I must say that long-term use of them did significantly thin my hair and slow down growth. I WISH I KNEW THIS BEFORE SO WARNING YOU ALL OUT THERE. It’s the extra weight on the head and the pressure on the roots that over time can cause to damage of the hair.

However besides that, as clip ins are not permanent they are a great way to change-up your look by adding volume or cheating those princess locks you’ve always dreamed of having. Without a doubt the most important thing is getting the shade down, to make hair extensions look undetectable the shade needs to match your hair colour down to a T. My shade is medium chocolate-brown ( usually a #4) but the tone was so wrong for me. I feel that over the years Cliphair have changed their brown shades so the tones were not the same as I was used to say 2 years ago. I had to dye my hair extensions to ensure a perfect match and I am so glad I did. I used a standard box hair dye and had to use around 4 boxes to cover the entire head of extensions.

Next I think the placement of extensions are so important. Clip in extensions usually come with different track lengths so small blending pieces are often provided. It is such a myth that you should use these pieces for the front of your hair as I place these pieces at the nape of my neck so there is more to blend with my actual hair and the longer tracks. Always leave a significant amount of hair at the top of your head to cover all the clips, I know what it feels like to go out with not enough hair covering the clips and it is solved by just placing the clips lower down!

Looking after hair extensions is absolutely crucial! Don’t leave them lying around on the floor in tangles, brush them and put them in a box. Don’t shower with them, wash them separately and try not to load too much product on to them as it makes the clip ins stiff and hard to style. It is also important to not sleep in clip ins as all that tossing and turning weakens not only your hair but also means the clips can break quicker and this is not what you want as then you have to sew them back on.

The thing with hair extensions is that it is usually going to behave differently to the texture of your real hair. In rain my extensions stay perfect but my hair frizzes so much meaning it starts to separate my hair and the clip ins making it look fake, one way to avoid this is to get the extensions cut specifically to blend with your hair. A good hairdresser will be able to almost style the hair extensions into your hair so that when it rains or when it is a bad hair day, the extensions would still look like part of your hair.

Have you guys ever tried bonded hair extensions or tape extensions? I get so worried that the hair pieces are gonna fall out randomly during the day!


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