Hair growth advice

If you have seen my other post about clip in extensions you can probably guess I want longer hair, BUT there is no way to grow hair magically overnight so time however after not being able to grow my hair for 5 years, this last year I finally noticed some growth and it was down to a few essential changes in my lifestyle and treatment of my hair.

  • Trimming hair won’t make hair grow, but it means no hair breaks which results in making it shorter! Think about it, if your hair keeps breaking any length that has grown will just snap right off which becomes a cycle, something I recently realised. It is so important to make sure split ends are snipped off once in a while I would say about every 3-4 months if you really can’t bear to have short hair like me.
  • Take Biotin tablets. This was when I really started to see growth, I actually took tablets called Hairburst which contain Biotin but I feel that Biotin in its strongest form is going to be very effective. I don’t believe in those shampoos that claim to make hair grow or those gummy bears for hair growth as upon research the gummy bears lack crucial ingredients needed for healthy hair growth.
  • Eat protein rich foods! Again another crucial one please don’t underestimate this! When I was eating eggs and chicken everyday my hair was growing so quickly, it was unbelievable. More foods rich in good fats to encourage hair growth are avocados ( I personally hate them though), chickpeas, lentils and any lean meat.
  • Massage your scalp. This is a bit of a weird one but I feel it kind of encourages the hair root to grow.
  • Sleep with your hair up. If you roll around when you sleep like me then you will realise your hair is constantly getting rubbed against the pillow which is damaging and stunts hair growth.
  • Limit heat. Another fairly obvious one but cut out the heat. Limit blowdries and heat appliances on your hair and you give your hair a chance to grow rather than cook. 
  • NO STRESS. Easier said than done but the mind is just as important for hair growth as the hair itself. Stress causes hair to thin and this can give the appearance of dull locks so give yourself some chill time now and again, your hair will thank you in the long-term.
  • Try to avoid long-term use of extensions. In my previous post I mentioned that clip ins for over 3 years on and off caused my hair to break, thin dramatically and also grow slowly. Whilst clip ins are the least damaging form of hair extensions, try to give your hair a break when you can.

In the meantime while you wait for your hair to grow, a few tricks to make your hair look longer. A low ponytail will always seem like you have longer hair as you are putting your hair up with the least amount of hair meaning more length goes into the pony and not in positioning the hair if that makes sense! Also playing around with the parting and pushing hair to one side gives a thicker look and creates longer looking hair as it is an illusion to the eye when one side has little hair and the other has longer hair. This comparison tricks the eye into thinking you have longer looking locks.

Link to my hair extension post: Hair extension post


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