Teeth whitening that actually works

Ever since I moved to America to do a year abroad studying I discovered a product that completely changed my tooth game.

Luckily I have always had straight teeth ( I had braces when I was younger to fix a tooth) but I always wanted them super white. I have tried those 20 minute treatments in salons and large supermarkets that put light on your teeth and claim to whiten them. I had a Pearlys treatment about 2 years ago for 100£ and whilst there was a change in colour it was not dramatic and so hard to maintain long-term. Furthermore 100£ is expensive especially when the results are not drastic! I WANTED PURE WHITE SHINY TEETH WITHOUT VENEERS OR LASER TEETH WHITENING.

So thank you to Crest whitening strips! Ladies they work! I can assure you they will not disappoint! I use the professional 3D flexi ones and they come with 14 strips. I got mine for around 55 USA dollars in Target. Now I believe they are only sold in America but I think Target can deliver to Britain and other countries but you might need to check the shipping costs.

You just have to place a strip over the top and bottom of your teeth and leave it for an hour, truthfully I slept in mine overnight and removed the strip in the morning. They don’t feel uncomfortable but make sure you really press down the strip evenly so that you don’t feel it slide off or anything!

I am so happy I have discovered such an amazing product, it literally feels and looks like I have had a professional expensive teeth whitening treatment but actually it is just these crest strips I mentioned. You guys have no idea how many compliments I get on my teeth so I wanted to share the secret!

If you buy one beauty product this month make it these whitening strips! The taxes and shipping costs are worth it I promise!

img_4802      img_5084 

These pictures show directly after the treatment and the second picture is one month later, I can also report that 4 months later my teeth have stayed this white.


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