Least favourite beauty products!

As a complete skin care and beauty product addict, it is fair to say I have had my fair share of beauty disappointments. If these products work for you then that is great but personally for me these products were not worth the hype at all!

  • Elvive fibrology Shampoo and Conditioner ( The blue-bottle) OK I have no idea why a shampoo claiming to create a thicker feel to the hair does the opposite. On all the times I have used this my hair felt more flat than it was to begin with. I have used this shampoo at LEAST ten times and each time my hair looks totally flat and feels like there is so much product build-up in my hair. In other words it just seems so stiff and feels kinda gross. I was so disappointed by this product as I really adore anything this brand brings out yet sorry but this product is a big fat NO.
  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. Uhh what is the hype over this mascara? Many beauty influencers love this affordable mascara ( with the green lid) but I do not understand why. The brush barely has any bristles on it meaning it is near impossible to coat lashes and the product feels clumpy upon application. Now, seeing as I love long spidery lashes I thought I could deal with this but it didn’t do me any favours personally because I spent so long trying to coat my lashes. I like mascaras that you can literally shove on and go but this one requires more of a technique which I clearly hadn’t mastered. 
  • Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick. If you have oily skin like me just stay away! It is medium to full coverage but looked so cakey when I wore it. Then the worst thing happened . . .  MY SKIN WENT SO OILY. I am not talking about a little bit of shine I am talking about all over shine that looks like you have exercised for 2 hours without a break. This is not the look I ever want to achieve. I had spent a lot of money on this product so I was annoyed it didn’t live up to my expectations but at least I know for the future.
  • Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher. I disliked how harsh the colours looked. They just seemed overly unnatural and again I found these little blusher pots hard to blend. I like the idea of having a little compact pot of blusher but that was about all I appreciated from these blushers. Whilst they are fairly pigmented, they are not easy to buff away meaning you are left with a stark contrast on your skin. I am not really a fan of Bourjois products sorry! However I have heard their foundations are amazing? What do you guys think ?
  • Garnier Body Tonic Scrub. If you fake tan you will know how important a good scrub is to get rid of old tan. I saw this in a magazine and ran to buy it ( literally) because it was recommended by a beauty guru for pre-tanning however I really disliked this product. SO many times I was left with red skin from scrubbing too hard because this scrub felt like it did nothing. It did not leave me with soft skin and it did not remove my tan and actually you feel really sticky after using it because not all the sugar washes away so occasionally on your skin you come across areas that still have sugar granules on them. This scrub is about 7£ which I guess is ok for a body scrub but I have had more success with supermarket own brands of body scrub, especially when removing a tan. The only way I could increase my opinion of this product is if I used exfoliating gloves with it as that might create a more effective result but it is disappointing to say I was not even upset when I finished this tube in one shower as I was gaining anything from it. 

Any products you guys would never buy again? Let me know! 


4 thoughts on “Least favourite beauty products!

  1. I agree with you on the Maybelline lol. People have been raving about it since the 80s. I still don’t get it.

    The Bourjois healthy mix IS amazing!!! *combination skin* Better than Clinique’s super balanced and MAC’s studio in my opinion. One of the best drugastore foundation ever! WAY beautiful natural finish (soft dew).


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