Little beauty changes that make a huge difference

There are so many things I wish I had known when I was younger when it comes to beauty, and as I have gotten older I realise some small changes can completely change-up a face. I wanted to share these with you all!

  • Wax or thread any facial hair. This includes upper lip, sides, hairline and cheeks. Makeup just glides on and looks flawless instead of sitting and gathering on the small baby hairs or peach fuzz.
  • Argan oil in hair. No doubt about it, it seals any split ends and gives you incredibly soft hair. No amount of shine spray will ever give the results a little drop of argan oil can achieve.
  • Wash your face with Dove soap every night. It is called the beauty bar of soap for a reason. I wish I had done this before because I have noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin. Soap gets rid of the bacterial build up on skin too so its an all round fabulous thing to do.
  • Look after teeth! Not saying everyone should go get veneers or splash out on dentist treatments but the appearance of healthy teeth just look a lot more pleasing and boosts confidence, you can read how I whitened my teeth for only 50 £ here: Teeth whitening
  • Use a moisturizer with a hint of gradual tan. Facial moisturizers with gradual tan are so light that you need to use them for a few days to see any real colour change but this makes it ideal to use daily in order to maintain a glow. Don’t worry you won’t be left with an orange face after a few weeks as every time you exfoliate or wash the skin you wash the colour away slowly too.
  • Groomed eyebrows frame the face. Whatever you like to do to your brows, keeping them groomed is essential. It is one of the first things people notice about a face so it makes sense to look after them right? I used to get mine threaded but now I just trim them when they need to be trimmed so that I keep their natural shape.
  • Caster oil on lashes. This is something I have been doing for a while. It increases the condition of lashes in order to help them grow fuller and thicker, so far I have not seen an increase in length but my lashes are fairly long to begin with ( Thank you genes) 
  • Always have contrasting colour on the face with foundations. One tone of foundation on the skin makes it look so flat and dull, by adding a lighter concealer under the eyes you give the illusion of brightening the face and creating contrasting shades which work in your favour.
  • Cuticle oil on your nails every night. Nail care tends to be neglected in beauty regimes but the key to lush long nails is the nourishing part. You need to feed your nail bed with vitamins and minerals in order to encourage their growth. Cuticle oil is less than 5 pounds and your nails will really thank you for it.
  • Use two shades of lip colour for your lips to create a fuller look. Again, I am mentioning the power of contrasting colours. If you subtly blend together two similar, but not identical, lip shades by using the darker one starting in the middle and blending out then you create a fuller lip as the lighter shade around the edges doesn’t show a definite stop to the lip making it seem as if it continues more than it actually does then you can overdraw your lips with a new “line”. If you want to draw attention to plump lips already ( lucky people!) then use a lighter shade on the juiciest part of your lip to really highlight this area.
  • Wash your makeup brushes! Seriously, not only does it get rid of bacteria but the performance of them is so much better when brushes are clean as there is no product build up on the brush.

These little changes to your beauty regime make a huge impact. Be patient with the ones that require a longer amount of time but trust me you will see results! I wish I knew these tricks sooner!


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