Tips for oily skin

As someone who has oily skin, I have definitely spent a large proportion of my time trying out products and tricks to combat that 3pm oily chin scenario. If you have oily skin it’s not all bad as it means less wrinkles as you grow older but it is so annoying when you are trying to have a matte makeup look. Nothing is worse than looking like a shiny mirror in pictures. Therefore I wanted to add some tips I swear by to reduce the oil on your skin:

  • Exfoliate weekly, this is important for removing any bacteria that is deeper than the surface of your skin meaning a more effective clean into your pores.
  • Buy blotting papers, miracle workers when you need a quick shine removal! Blotting papers work wonders due to powder particles inside the sheets which result in mattifying the skin.
  • Pore strips. These are like wax strips but they remove the dirt from your pores on the nose, now idk about you but my nose is always where the most shine collects so these pore strips mean less shine as you are removing the dead layer of build up on the surface of the skin.
  • Oil free products. Personally, this has been the most beneficial for me. When I switched to oil free foundations, creams and other lotions I put on my face I noticed less shine. Anytime I used a regular foundation with oil inside it, I had shiny skin, coincidence? I think not.
  • Don’t touch your face. If you constantly touch your face all you are doing is transferring bacteria from your hands onto the face.
  • Water. Drink it, Use it and Worship it. Oily skin? Wash your face with an oil free soap. Oily skin? Drink water to balance the hormones and toxins in your body which show on the face. Oily skin? Use tea tree face masks then splash off with water. 
  • Layer makeup. Try not to put a load of product on the face all in one go as this will simply make it hard for your skin to breathe. If you build your makeup in layers it is going to stay looking fresh a lot longer as it will take longer for the oil to work its way up to the top layer of your skin. 
  • Clay mud masks. These can be great for drying up all oil on the face in the short-term but be careful as using these too much tricks the body into thinking the skin is dry which then means the skin produces more oil for the face. Not what we want!  Use sparingly but definitely effective for occasions ( always use a mud mask a few days before said occasion as sometimes they cause minor breakouts)
  • Use a finishing spray. Ah yes, I bet everyone is thinking back to the times hairspray was used ( and probably still is) to set makeup. Luckily for us, there are tons of setting sprays out there. My personal favourite is ELF finishing spray as it is affordable and doesn’t make my makeup slide off my face.

I hope these tips are useful for all those with an oily skin type! I feel that my skin is less oily this last year and I do feel it is because I have made these small changes in my beauty regime. 


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