The quicker way to get ready

Ok I admit it, a few years ago I would take hours to get ready for school or uni . Now that I have grown older I don’t have the time for this and that meant my beauty regime had to be significantly shortened. Luckily, I have picked up some ways to shorten beauty regimes when in a rush ( or when you would rather have that extra 30 minutes sleep) 

So assuming you have already showered and washed your face and teeth and applied any creams . . . 

  1. After applying foundation ( let it dry a little though so that any product doesn’t go into the foundation) put the under eye concealer and a setting powder asap as the sooner you apply the setting powder the longer it has to ” bake” on your face meaning you will get more noticeable results in less time if that makes sense. TIP: if you ever run out of setting powder, use baby powder! It gives such amazing results but be careful as I heard it can clog pores if used too often, ( I personally have not experienced the clogging of pores from baby powder though)
  2. When you don’t have time to do your brows then apply a brow gel that is ever so slightly darker over the hairs to groom them and to give the appearance of “done brows” due to the slightly darker colour ( girls when I say slightly darker I mean just a shade darker, not anything more)
  3. If you only have time to do one thing just highlight. Highlighting gives such a dewy and radiant look to the skin which instantly wakes the face. When I am in a rush I often just apply foundation, highlight and contour lightly.
  4. One coat of mascara very close to the lash line will give the illusion of eyeliner so when I am in a hurry I tight line my lashes so I can skip eyeliner.
  5. Curling eyelashes takes seconds but makes your eyes look so awake and teamed with white eyeshadow in the corner of your eyes you literally will have fresh eyes that take less than 1 minute. When I go to early classes I skip mascara completely and just rely on white eyeshadow for my inner corners and my Sephora eyelash curler which I love as they are custom to eye shapes. I have quite large eyes so the structure of the curler works well in proportion to my eyelashes. They have curlers for almond and deep-set eyes too I believe.
  6. A creamy lip pencil like the Jordana ones or KIKO lip liners means you can apply it as if you would a lipstick or lip balm because it doesn’t require as much precision or time to trace the lips as a more solid in texture lip pencil would.
  7. A mineral foundation in a slightly darker shade than your skin tone can work beautifully as an all over bronzer if you don’t have time to contour or bronze your face. It gives a less intense look but still adds some depth and definition to the face when used sparingly with a big fat fluffy brush around the temples. The reason it is quicker than a bronzer is that bronzers are more obvious in colour usually so you have to really think about where it is going whereas a mineral foundation is softer and easier to blend! 
  8. My hair will always go into a messy ponytail when in a hurry as it looks incredibly chic when I use a small section of hair to wrap and cover the hair tie with. 

I hope these little ideas were beneficial to all those who need to shorten their beauty regime for specific moments without compromising too much! Any tips you guys have on speeding up the get ready process when there is little time? 



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