Favourite brands for . . . .

How many times have you walked into a store for say a mascara but spent an hour finding said product due to too much choice? I know I have 100 %. I have definitely realised certain brands seem to “specialise” in certain things, after a while I noticed the consistency in this, meaning less time spent opening all the testers in order to get the right product.

I wanted to create a mini guide of some of the best brands for particular products, there is a mix of affordable and expensive to suit everyone’s budget! 

CLINIQUE: Absolute wonderful for foundations that last and look professional. Clinique is a skin care brand so the foundations certainly have beneficial properties for the skin. I absolutely adore Beyond Perfecting 2-1 foundation as it is perfect for oily skin and gives a medium to full coverage. My sister has combination/dry skin and loves Even Better Makeup from their range. I feel that there are so many options depending on skin type in Clinique as well as a vast range of shades and most importantly, tones. For example, I like yellow based foundations and Golden Neutral and Honey both impress me. Yes Clinique is a little pricey for the average person but foundation is worth spending extra on. 

L’OREAL: Phenomenal for mascaras! I have been using L’oreal mascaras for years and years and I have simply not found anything better. The brushes all are designed so precisely and the darkest black shades are actually dark black, unlike many extra black mascaras which just seem like a dark brown, did that make sense? hahaha. I am not alone in my love for L’oreal as Kim K’s makeup artist Mario also raved about the wonders of L’oreal and their mascaras. My favourite one is voluminous lashes in the blackest shade, it gives so much volume as the name suggests and doesn’t clump lashes together! One word of warning though, it isn’t good for when at the gym as it sometimes transfers to under my eye. 

RIMMEL: Eyeliners. I have heard such wonderful things about the staying power of Rimmel eyeliners and once I tried them myself I had to agree. I am not a fan of liquid eyeliner as I feel it alters my eye shape too much but their liquid liners are the dream. Very easy to apply for people who get scared to even open the bottle like me. I was also impressed by the kohl pencils which I use much more frequently to shade in my upper lash line to make it look thicker. The affordable price tag further explains why Rimmel eyeliners are lush, from gel to pencil to liquid liner there is bound to be a formula for you.

MUA: One for all those girls obsessed with shopping at Superdrug like I am. This brand is not only wonderful for lip liners that are only £1 ( beautiful range of colours and contains the perfect creamy texture) but also setting powders! I guess this brand is worth checking out in general! I brought an amazing white setting powder to make my concealer pop under my eyes called ” Skin Define Hydro Powder” which contains vitamin E and has such a silky smooth texture which glides on to the skin. It was only £3 too!

SLEEK: I love how pigmented the blushes and contour powders are by Sleek. I really feel Sleek should gain praise for the pigments being extremely high quality. Just a little bit of Sleek blush lasts on the skin all day without the colour fading or wearing off over time. In terms of the contours, THANK YOU SLEEK FOR CREATING A CONTOUR THAT IS SLIGHTLY GREY RATHER THAN ORANGE. A contour is meant to mimic a shadow so orange undertones can make contour appear too obvious. Sleek definitely deliver in terms of creating contour shades with the correct undertones. Sleek products are generally less than £10 so again are fairly affordable! 

REVOLOUTION: Highlight goals without a doubt. Every highlight I have brought from Revolution has given me so many compliments due to high impact sparkles. I adore it, you can read more about my love for these highlighters here: This highlight? It’s £3!

img_5688 Wearing Revolution Highlight in “peach lights”

NO. 7: I adore the primers from Boots’ own brand, No. 7. I just love the texture as I don’t really like primers that feel too ” slippery” if that makes sense! With so many different primers like colour correction and my personal favourite, oil control, there is plenty of choice. I do feel that a little goes a long way so the tube does remain full for quite some time! The thing with No. 7 is that it is hypoallergenic so gentle on the skin yet reveals flawless and worthy results.

I have compared high street and high-end products on a previous post which may help some of you out when deciding what is worth splashing out on and what is worth budgeting for : High vs. Low end, what is worth it?

Anyone know of any brands that have amazing eyebrow kits? Is the Benefit brow kit worth the hype? Let me know!


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