My go-to everyday makeup look

A few people ask me how I do my makeup on a daily basis as I tend to go for the same makeup look ( it just works for me)

I uploaded this picture a few days ago which sums up my everyday makeup so I wanted to break it down and explain what I do:

img_6527    This is the picture I uploaded and got asked about


  • I apply ELF poreless primer all over my face and then use ELF fixing spray to create a more dewy canvas ( I adore this fixing spray) 
  • I use Clinique beyond perfecting foundation and blend blend blend with a stippling brush, mine is from Iconic London.
  • I apply a light concealer under my eyes followed up with baby powder to set the concealer under my eye if I have no white powder ( MUA is glorious for face powder, you will know how much I love its benefits if you have read my other posts) Then I dampen a beauty blender to fix any harsh edges from the concealer!
  • I contour my nose with a cream contour from Topshop! I love how easy it is to blend and the shade ranges are wonderful! I go over the contour with a powder formula to really shape the tip of my nose.
  • I apply highlighter to my cheeks, under the brows, and on the tip of my nose ( GUYS REVOLUTION HIGHLIGHT is the one) 
  • I see if I need blusher and if yes, I swirl blusher on my cheeks and up to the brow bone which is an awesome trick for ladies with heart shaped faces like me as it makes the cheekbones POP.
  • I conceal any beauty spots or blemishes with my foundation and a small angled brush, I really recommend using a foundation as a concealer as then the blemish will be concealed exactly the same shade as the face so it looks more flawless if that makes sense!


  • I use an MUA eyebrow kit to shape my brows and drag out the tail of my brows slightly whilst using L’oreal brow gel to fill in the brows a little.
  • I apply a white eyeliner pencil in the waterline of my eye and the tear duct. This really opens up the eye and creates definition.
  • Next, a gel eyeliner on the upper lash line to create the illusion of fuller lashes and I messily apply a black eyeshadow into my upper and lower lashes to look kinda ” smokey”
  • I curl my lashes with my Sephora eyelash curler which I love as it is specifically targeted for big or round eyes.
  • I apply my favourite L’oreal mascara a few times and really try to get to the root of my lashes.


  • Quite simply I just use a cheap Jordana lip pencil to overdraw my lips slightly ( Sold in the States, for Brits I recommend KIKO for lip liners) 

AND that is about it, I don’t set my face with powder as I feel it isn’t fully necessary. I didn’t list the brands of all the products I use as I just wanted to give a general idea of the products themselves and the order I use them. If anyone has any questions please let me know!


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