Round-up of all my favourites

With January 2017 almost over I wanted to start the year with a run down of my absolute favourite products that I will defo bring into 2017 as I can not live without them. These are all products I would buy again without any hesitation:


Another year in a row, I adore Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and I don’t think I will switch up this foundation as it controls my oily skin perfectly. I am yet to find a more impressive shade range too.

I love to use baby powder to bake my face ( It does block pores slightly though) but it is such an affordable and effective way to really define and set my under-eye concealer.

Revolution highlight in Peach Lights– I mention this highlight in almost all my posts and I will never stop talking about it. Ladies trust me, this highlight is every type of ” Insta Goal”

I love how my makeup looks when I use ELF Fixing Spray just before my foundation as it creates a beautifully dewy canvas and makes my makeup stay on all day, even after gym sessions. I tried Urban Decay setting spray and honestly was not impressed, I much prefer this one. 

Maybelline Age-Renewal concealer is a cult beauty fave for a reason, the creamy formula and long-lasting coverage really is worth praising about and blends seamlessly into the skin.

MUA white eyeliner pencil. £1, bright white and incredibly pigmented. The only thing I keep buying to underline my waterline and highlight the inner socket of my eyes. WHY pay more when this product is a holy grail.


Blue Lagoon Iceland Lip Balm, I was given a sample of this by my room-mate and I adore it! It works wonders for dry lips and is clear so can be used on top of lip pencils or sticks. A little goes a long way and it is super nourishing. 

Neutrogena Visisibly Clear Oil free moisturiser is the best face cream there is for just getting the job done for all you oily skinned ladies like me. It is nothing fancy but doesn’t clog my pores and allows my skin to breathe whilst also controlling oil production. Love it and the best part is that you can even find it in supermarkets extremely cheaply.

One for the Brits, Tesco 2 in 1 eye makeup remover and cleanser– yes really! It removes my makeup so efficiently and quickly whilst also removing any impurities. It is great for sensitive skin and contains vitamin E which is a major bonus. Oh and its 1.5o …….


This product does everything you would want it to as it seals split ends, makes hair so shiny and smells divine, thank you Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco dry oil. I am so impressed with this little bottle of magic as it beats the higher end argan oil in my opinion and can be brought with enough money for a coffee/frozen yogurt/doughnut.

Manes and Tails horse shampoo. OK truthfully when I heard about this I was skeptical to use this on my hair but I am so glad I did as it transformed my frizzy tresses into thick, silky locks. I think this is only sold in the States but I do believe they sell it on BOOTS for all my European readers! I highly recommend this and it is the only shampoo I use because I love how it makes my hair feel. This shampoo has been getting a lot of press and I can totally see why, the conditioner from Manes and Tails is awesome too and I am currently stocking up on them for when I return back to England . . . .


img_6568  Just two weeks of Manes and Tails= shiny hair


Juicy Couture Gold. ANYONE who knows me will know I like my perfume to smell so sweet like a candy shop. The only way I can describe this fragrance is pure toffee and caramel combined. It is so sickly sweet in a good way and I receive endless compliments when I wear this. I AM YET TO FIND A PERFUME I PREFER MORE THAN THIS AND I HAVE BEEN USING THIS FOR  YEARS!

A close second is Calvin Klein Reveal. This one is also sweet but a little bit more sexy than Juicy Couture Gold. Again, I receive a lot of compliments from this one and I would say it smells a little more like vanilla. I make sure to always snap it up when it gets sold in gift sets for christmas. 

A cheap one but a goodie- Rihanna Nude. For such an affordable price it is extremely long-lasting on the skin and subtly lingers on clothes. Again it is quite sweet and based off vanilla tones. I use the body mist version and like having something I can just chuck on when I am on the go. 

That pretty much wraps up products I can not live without and will re-purchase, obviously this does not include the whole list but these are ones really worth raving about.


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