Budget beauty basics

As a broke college student I know the struggle all too well of wanting to look groomed and put together without using your overdraft to fund your beauty desires. Over the years I have found some ways or alternatives that work extremely well for those on a serious budget.

  1. Use washing up powder capsules to remove old or patchy tan INSTEAD of buying that £7 tan remover that seems to finish in just one use. I learnt this trick from a celeb obsessed with fake tan, and hey if it works for them . . .Haha but seriously! If you use a exfoliation glove and a washing up powder capsule any tough stain on the skin appears to vanish ( No pun intended) 
  2. Use an eyebrow shaper INSTEAD of booking into an expensive derma session to exfoliate away dead skin cells. These eyebrow razors are available so cheaply online and work so well in removing dead layers of skin. Just gently move up and down the face and finish off with a splash of cold water to close the pores, it works brilliantly for removing peach fuzz thus allowing makeup to glide on more smoothly.
  3. Makeup products that are in pencil form are never worth spending a ton of money on. After all, they require constant sharpening and have a short lifespan. To be honest I have learnt lip liners and eye pencils are pretty much all made of the same ingredients and a lot of the time it is just branding you are paying for. If you have read my previous posts you will know I am obsessed with lip liners from the dollar store or MUA lip liners which are £1 in Superdrug. I have been using these for years.
  4. I mentioned this a few times in other posts but in case anyone missed it . .  I adore baby powder as a setting or baking powder for the face! Baby powder sets my makeup so nicely and the white shade really defines my under-eye concealer.
  5. A cheap trick to get silky locks from your fridge, put a ton of mayonnaise on your hair and leave for 30 minutes then wash off, YES REALLY. I first got told this trick by my hairdresser and I love how it makes my hair feel. The proteins in the product also promote hair growth which is a bonus as you are nourishing the scalp.  
  6. Another one from the fridge . . . .Egg whites whisked and placed on the face as a mask helps to tighten pores, this is something Kimmy K recently admitted to doing and I can see why as the egg whites really target the pores of the skin and help to remove impurities.
  7. Finally another one for pores, simply microwave a bowl of water until steaming and put your face above it with a towel over your head to trap the steam. This really irons out any minor wrinkles and leaves skin looking as fresh as a daisy. I try to do this at least once a week.

I hope these were useful for all your people seeking alternatives to expensive treatments  or products! Let me know if you think I missed anything crucial!


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