Finessing the contour game with one bottle . . .

Hello everyone, I just wanted to talk about one winning way to contour the face and the answer is fake tan. YES REALLY. The thing is, whilst contour with makeup such as grey eyeshadows, brown contour products and bronzers make such a difference to features, once you wash off makeup its gone . . .

Therefore if you contour with fake tan you will get at least a few days of permanent 3 day contour for the face, so when you aren’t wearing makeup your features will still be perfectly contoured. A bit of a sneaky trick but oh so worth it. You can apply this ideolgy to other body parts too such as the whole slimming leg trick, with bronzer or tan on the sides to sculpt the leg.

To start, ensure face is clean from all lotion and makeup as fake tan doesn’t adhere to the skin as well if there is an existing product. Use a thin angled brush and apply a little bit of fake tan on the brush, truthfully fake tan specifically for faces tends to be more subtle so I use a body tan for my face. Next draw the lines where you want to contour such as cheekbones or nose or forehead and use a separate and CLEAN buffing brush to blend it away and repeat this step a few times. The idea is to get a little more heavy-handed as you repeat the steps but obviously not too much! You want it to look like a subtle shadow which will develop overnight and can be washed the following morning. Once you have

I have linked my previous tanning post below in case anyone wants some more tips: Fake tan favourites I can’t live without

For this little trick I love using COCOA BROWN tan in DARK as the foamy texture makes it easier to blend than lotions. The tinted shade means you can see exactly where you are applying too! I would avoid spraying the lines on to the face directly as it will not create as much definition so I wouldn’t suggest a tan that is a spray formula. If you really want to use a spray formula then use sellotape to put where you want the contour lines so for example, down the sides of the nose. This way the colour only goes on the uncovered area and the tape gives a straight line- did that make sense? Hahaha

This was just a quick tip which makes life so much easier on those no-makeup days, let me know if you guys have tried this before!


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