Sample game? STRONG

Who doesn’t love grabbing new samples at makeup stores? But sample collecting can actually save you a load of money if you are savvy . . .

I wanted to quickly write about a way to save money on foundation for those times when you really can’t afford to splurge out on a new full-sized bottle. You know those mini pots and bottles sales assistants put samples of foundation in? They can easily last a week. By storing these little samples and requesting them regularly your foundation supply will last much longer. I used to live off a sample pot every week for about 3 months meaning I didn’t have to buy foundation. Sneaky? Oh yes, but beneficial? Without a doubt.

Most makeup stores will willingly give out foundation samples but there is a certain technique to it. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Obviously don’t go to the same department store every time to request samples. The sales assistants will just realise you are rinsing their sample supply. 
  2. Once you know which shade you love, always make sure you request that shade so you are given a colour you are happy with, say something along the lines of ” I got a sample of ( insert shade lighter) but it is too light, can I have a sample of ( insert the shade you want) to try” This ensures you are given the correct shade, if you repeat this in a few department stores you will have 4 samples of foundation which can last you a month.
  3. Most glossy magazines feature adverts on foundation, rip out those pages as usually small print at the bottom says ” bring in this advert for a free 10 day sample” Most times you won’t need to show the advert but it is good to have just in case some sales assistants are snooty and less than willing to give you a sample.
  4. Always mention your skin type. When I want to buy a new foundation I always ask for a sample as I have oily skin and some foundations just don’t help that.This technique is pretty much certain to get you a sample as certain foundations work for certain skin types better, a person will dry skin will appreciate a creamy formula much more than a person with oily skin so always ask if the foundation will suit your skin and then ask for a sample so you can try it yourself.
  5. Don’t be disappointed if you are told ” we don’t have that shade in sample size” as you can ask for the closest shade to perhaps mix with your other foundations. The skin is not all one colour on the face therefore different shades of foundation within the same colour spectrum actually can add more dimension to the face. I never just apply one shade of foundation over my face.

I hope this quick guide helps you ladies out, hey broke college students I know the feeling perfectly of not having money for full-sized foundation . . .


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