Underrated beauty and makeup products

OK so, a lot of times people hype over popular things and upon purchase one discovers they are either amazing or just a bit meugh . . .BUT I feel like some underrated makeup and beauty products need to be mentioned. Often it is because they are affordable or have a bad rep that many simple gloss over ( pun intended haha) their powers. 

I am going to get straight into it, first one of my list is Baby powder as a setting powder. I have yet to find something that works so well and is so easy to apply. I bake my face with baby powder almost everyday and I have personally not noticed any clogged pores or skin imperfections from using it. The staying power is phenomenal and it is great for oily skinned girls as it really works to soak up the oil on the face too. At £2 a bottle what is not to love? I would choose baby powder as a setting powder over any high-end brand without doubt.

Looking for a highly pigmented white eyeliner? MUA £1 white eyeliner. This brand received massive recognition last year for its one pound lipsticks however after a major revamp the other products from the range upgraded hugely. I am such a fan of the white eyeliner because it actually stays put and is a bright shade of white, not just a barely there sliver of silver which rubs off after an hour. The creamy formula just glides onto the waterline effortlessly, I have no idea why people pay more for a white eyeliner when this one is simply a dream product. 

Ok I think this next product is discontinued or in process of being discontinued so scan your local Superdrug clearance bins because B. sculpted contour kit is beautiful. I *think* this is a brand developed by Superdrug anyway, I discovered the contour kit last year and after it ran out I thought nothing of it but then a few months later I really appreciated how cool toned the contour shade was, so it differed from a bronzer in tone hugely! The highlight it comes with, a kind of clear gel, was pretty useless so I only used this little kit for the contour and just a few days ago I found one kit in Superdrug reduced to £1.99! I was chuffed! I kind of wish I stocked up on a few of them and best believe I will be going back shortly to see if the store I visited still have them. This contour powder doesn’t make my skin shiny, it doesn’t oxidize and it lasts all day particularly on my nose which is where I use it on the most. 

All of the George at Asda primers! I don’t know the exact names of all of the primers but I am honestly blown away by these little tubes! I really liked the luminous primer and the matte primer as both do what they say. The texture is creamy but still very much liquid, think the texture of a slightly runny moisturizer. I discovered this primer on a whim when I was last-minute holiday packing and ran to Asda ( I literally live next door) to grab the cheapest primer I could find. I was pleasantly surprised and will be repurchasing. I feel like supermarket own makeup often is looked down upon but having such a positive experience with a cheap primer ( it was 3 pounds!) has made me braver to try supermarket branded makeup occasionally as I do believe in the saying ” Buy cheap, Buy twice”

Eyebrow razors! They are sold for less than £1 online and whilst I wouldn’t use them on my brows I love removing cheek fuzz with them because it removes the top layer of dust on the skin too. THIS IS NOT A REGULAR RAZOR AT ALL. It looks like a thin stick with ONE single blade used to remove hair in small areas like the corners of brows but you can literally remove fine hairs in a flash with this tool which makes makeup glide on so much better! Makeup doesn’t get stuck in the hairs meaning a smoother canvas. 

I also really rate L’Oreal mascaras as a whole over high-end mascaras ( you will know how much I rave about them if you follow my posts) and Lauren Goodger ” Lauren’s Way” fake tan! It is one of the only tans that actually is super dark ,like it states on the bottle ,and olive based, you can see results so quickly, but it is a nightmare to remove after it starts to go patchy as it doesn’t come off easily which can be a good thing and a bad thing.

Any products you guys think need more attention? Let me know!


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