Dairy/Gluten and Soy free recipes

SOOOOO as you may know, I have really been trying to cook my meals from scratch and I feel so much better for it. I am currently in the process of just jotting down all my meals into a word document so I can have reference of everything that I make ( also so I don’t forget what I am making hahahaha) 

Here are just some super quick meals for people who are following a restrictive meal plan and the best part is that all these recipes do not trigger any of the main intolerance groups.

Peppers stuffed with turkey mince and courgettes, this one was one of my faves because I added a lot of flavour to the mince itself such as paprika and chilli, also it is such an easy recipe which is perfect for someone like me. Just boil the peppers for 20 minutes until soft, season and fry the mince until no longer pink and add the spices and stir thoroughly, chop up anything you want as a side salad and stuff the peppers with the mince- I am not going to be all patronising and be like ” add salt to the water” or ” chop up 2 tomatoes” etc because people aren’t stupid, do what you gotta do!

IMG_2924 Honestly who would have thought just a plate of green and red would look so pretty hehehehe

When I made the peppers recipe I made too much mince mixture ( typical lol ) so I had to think of something quite and easy to use up the mince for and what is honestly more comforting than spag bol? I avoid using any garlic or onion as they can trigger inflammation and bloating of the stomach but because of all the seasoning in the mince anyway there is no need for it! I topped the mince on a bed of gluten-free spaghetti and added a tablespoon of dried herbs

IMG_2925 I added fried courgette and red peppers into the mixture to try to boost my vegetable intake without noticing haha, I forgot to mention that I usually fry everything with coconut oil as it contains essential fatty acids that are a lot more beneficial than simple vegetable oil.

Lastly, for those of you with a sweet tooth like me I had to include a super quick and super easy banana pancake recipe that just needs 3 eggs and 2 bananas, as well as the optional toppings of strawberry jam and coconut flakes. All you have to do is mash the bananas, add the eggs and mix well then fry into tiny circles, the frying part is tricky though because they cook very quickly so keep an eye out! The mixture is enough for about 8 smallish circles.

IMG_3058 Lol I could not resist chopping up another banana for the side hehehehe

It’s so weird that 2 years ago I would be eating potato chips or a yogurt for dinner and now I am actually fuelling my body with the right things and discovering I actually enjoy cooking? Never though I would say that lol



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