Hair Extension Help

IMG_8130 (Hair extensions firmly clipped in here)

I have been wearing hair extensions for the longest time, so I feel I defo can give an insight! Whilst my hair is not that much shorter than my extensions, I like them for volume and for a little length. Truthfully I have had the same hair extension set for 2 years because I have looked after them well and the quality is wonderful! I got mine from and my shade is chocolate-brown although I did have to dye them to get them to match better as my hair is very light at the ends. I am honestly blown away by the customer service, the quick delivery and the products themselves. The choice of shades is beyond the standard black-brown-blonde-red colours that a lot of hair extensions seem to focus on. Cliphair offers so many different tones and lengths that it really is virtually impossible not to find something to suit you.  I am wearing two head sets but my mum kindly sewed them on to one track so that it would be less clips! 

One thing I would suggest to make hair extensions last is to avoid putting a lot of product on them such as hairspray as this requires you to wash them more often and then when you straighten them the hair kind of burns. I also try to make sure I leave the extensions to air dry as much as possible before I switch to a hair dryer. I see a lot of people use shampoo specifically for hair extensions but after looking at the ingredients I feel baby shampoo is gentle enough for hair extensions and costs just a few pounds so it saves you serious money.

After I remove my hair extensions I always brush them and store them in a loose bag so that they are not tangled when I next wear them. It gives me anxiety seeing so many women just throw their hair extensions on their desk in a massive clump! It goes without saying, you get what you pay for. I always make sure I buy human hair because it lasts so much longer and looks much more real. Human hair can be pricey but Cliphair regularly do discounts and offers as well as incredibly affordable prices as it is.

If in doubt of your shade, always get lighter! This way you can dye them easier as it is always easier to go from light shades to dark rather than dark hair dye to light. I was really impressed with Vidal Sassoon Hair dye as it was strong enough to dye hair extensions and there was very little colour transfer, in fact virtually none. I did have to use around 4 boxes of hair dye though . . .  Truthfully it was hard to get even distribution of hair dye on to the hair extensions but I would gently massage the dye into the hair and kind of rub it so that there was no patchy areas.

I think so many girls get worried the clips are going to show when wearing hair extensions and my advice would be to put as many clips as you can at the bottom of your hair and work your way up with less clips. The bottom of the head isn’t going to be visible unless you are constantly doing hand stands or something! Also in all my years wearing hair extentions I have never experienced any hair extentions falling out unexpectedly- largely due to the quality of the clips ( touch wood haha)

I would like to point out, whilst clip in hair extensions are one of the less damaging forms of extensions they do still cause damage over long-periods of time and can lead to a stop in hair growth as I experienced a few years ago. I recommend taking Biotin tablets and fish oil to promote hair growth and give your hair a break from time to time from extensions!

Hope some of this info was useful! Has anyone tried vixen and blush clip in extensions by the way? I would love to try out the Russian quality of the hair but wanna know if anyone has tried it? Sadly I wasn’t blessed with the Russian hair genes of my mum and sister. .  .

This wasn’t sponsored or anything! I genuinely love Cliphair extensions seeing as I have tried so many in the past!


Tips for more volume in hair

If you know me personally you will know from the age of 15 I was obsessed with having thick, voluminous locks. Hey I wasn’t the first person to take a backcomb into an exam for nothing . . 

I wanted to share some tips on how to create a fuller look:

  • OK, the first obvious one is backcombing or teasing the hair with a comb. If you have a middle parting an awesome trick is to place the strands of hair across the crown in a zigzag formation. The hair is able to rest on other bits of hair meaning more volume at the roots.
  • Secondly, another obvious one but kinda crucial is good hairspray. I have tried many formulas over the years and so many just make hair so sticky and just not easy to remove. However I adore Tresemme Salon Finish Volume and Lift which stays in place all day and doesn’t frizz up in damp weather or become a nightmare to brush out.
  • Sleep in velcro rollers. I do this when I want to achieve a more wavy or curly look. Sleeping in velcro rollers isn’t as uncomfortable as it sounds! It is a virtually non-damaging way to create lift in the hair that appears natural and looks fabulous when messed up with hairspray the next morning.
  • My personal favourite is using hair extensions. They are not only used for length but also thickness, I have a post on hair extensions which I will link below. Even if you want to put your hair up then hair extensions can create a fuller looking tail. The trick is to place the tracks upside down at the base of the ponytail instead of the regular positioning of tracks the correct way. I can explain this further if you have questions! Clip in hair extension talk

img_5484  Here I am wearing extensions for thickness

  • Curly hair will always look more full than straight. My hair is naturally very curly and even though I prefer it straight, if I need volume fast I always let my hair dry naturally into its curls. Texture is what gives the appearance of volume so play around with strands and if your hair is straight, a tight barrel wand will create the illusion of natural ringlets.

 As you can see, my hair looks fuller in its natural texture img_6411

  • Invest in a good shampoo and skip the conditioner! If you must use conditioner then apply to ends only! Conditioner tends to weigh the hair down and make it too silky for when you want volume. A shampoo I really love for volume is Manes and Tails as it deep-cleans the scalp to remove any build-up of product which also weighs the hair down. 
  • Dry shampoo your hair before bed. When you sleep your hair moves a lot so with the addition of a texture spray or dry shampoo then your hair is constantly ruffling up against your pillow meaning you will wake up with tousled locks. 
  • A blunt cut. My hairdresser told me a haircut that is blunt creates the illusion of thicker hair as it looks more ” chunky” all one length. I was unsure about this but after getting my hair cut I realised my hairdresser was right. This is particularly good with ladies who have fine hair like mine but one word of warning. A blunt cut makes it harder to blend hair extensions as you get that dreaded line which of course is not ideal. I usually clip the bottom of my hair up when applying extensions with a blunt cut.

These are the tricks I use for my hair and they seem to work fairly well, please let me know if you have any other tricks! I am always on the quest for volume!