Falsies without using falsies . . .


If you know me personally you will know I love long and thick looking lashes but truthfully falsies just scare me! I always get worried they will just come off at the worst moment or that the weight of the lash will turn my eye red. Over the years I have found some ways in which you can achieve a falsie look without actually wearing them. People always ask me if I am wearing fake lashes and I never do so knowing these tricks work is a major boost!

Before I start I understand everyone has different types of natural eyelashes, mine are on the long side but they have no curl whatsoever and are not as thick as I like them to be naturally.

  1. Prepping lashes is key! Ever heard that old trick of applying Vaseline to lashes overnight to promote healthy grow and to nourish them? I defo swear by this but instead I use Castor oil which is known for its encouragement of the growth of hair follicles. I simply apply a little on to my finger and smudge it into my lashes before bed, but be warned its kinda sticky so applying with a cotton pad is also an option! I brought my bottle of Castor oil in a health store for around £10 ( 500 ml I believe) and I honestly get so much use out of it because I sometimes use to cleanse my face. Note: I recently saw an article stating Castor oil had made someone’s lashes fall out, whilst this is extremely rare please make sure you are buying Castor oil from health shops as supermarket versions may contain additives which irritate the skin)
  2. Dust powder onto lashes before you put any makeup on them. I learn this from makeup guru HudaBeauty. The powder on the lashes acts as a primer and helps to thicken up the dimensions of the lashes pre-application of mascara. I have tried actual mascara primers in the past and meurghhhhhh I wasn’t impressed. I don’t think a mascara primer makes all that much difference and the use of powder gives a more weightless feel to the lashes. I just use my regular setting powder to dust onto my lashes with a brush, I don’t feel like it has to be a specific powder to work.
  3. Invest in an eyelash curler for your eye shape. I can not preach this enough! Before I would just use any affordable eyelash curler but recently I invested in an eyelash curler for big eyes from Sephora and I am so happy with the placement of the curl as it fits my eye shape wonderfully. Sephora have a few curlers for different eye shapes such as almond and small eyes and they come with a few replacement pads too. I wholly recommend investing in this beauty tool as it drastically makes a difference as to how awake your eyes look because it lifts them at the root which makes lashes appear longer.
  4. YES THE MASCARA IS KEY! Not all mascaras achieve the same purpose, as I am sure you are all aware there are tons of mascaras out there with different selling points. I have noticed that a mascara with a plastic wands lengthens much better than a mascara with a bristle wand as the bristles tend to add more volume. For this reason I use both! My current faves are L’oreal False Lash Sculpt in Black for length followed by L’oreal Voluminous Lash for volume. In my eyes L’oreal can do no wrong when it comes to mascara and truthfully I would buy L’oreal mascara over any high-end brand! The Voluminous Lash masacara is a total dupe for Lancome’s Star masacara. Both the L’oreal mascaras mentioned come in brown too for all you people who prefer brown masacara.
  5. Apply the mascara as close to the root as humanely possible! So many times I see people applying it from half way from their lash meaning the mascara is visible as there is a line of natural lash colour and then mascara colour. Therefore that old trick of looking down when applying mascara is defo relevant here! It just makes everything look more “natural” and seamless as there is no clear start to where you applied your mascara. Also spend time stretching out the product of the mascara on the ends of the lashes by lifting with the wand to the side and spacing the lashes out as it creates a lovely butterfly look to the lashes which is often achieved with falsies.

Hopefully these little tricks work for you guys! Anyone want to wade in on the eyelash primer debate? Worth it or nah? I can’t help but think it is just an extra step that is unnecessary but do any of you have a lash primer you swear by?!


High vs. Low end, what is worth it?

So many times we assume higher end makeup products are better and so many times we tend to overlook cheaper brands however I wanted to do a post about what makeup I feel is worth spending extra on. I love to get myself a bargain in makeup and having tried higher and lower end items I feel my makeup bag is a good mix.

Foundation: Higher end. I have brought so many high-end and lower end foundations in my lifetime and the only ones that gave me the look I wanted were the higher end ones. Two in particular are my absolute favourite and they are ” Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2-1 concealer and foundation” and ” Estee Lauder Double Wear”. These foundations for me personally are worth the money as both are oil free and give me a flawless finish on the skin that lasts all day. I don’t feel guilty parting with say 25£-30£ on foundation because it is the canvas to the face and I am yet to find a lower end foundation I am truly happy with or would repurchase.

Mascara: Lower end. There is no mascara on the planet I adore more than L’oreal Voluminous and Million lash. Hands down, I think L’oreal consistently have the best mascaras. It seems pointless to me to spend 20£ on a mascara that won’t last as long as a foundation, whilst I did like Lancome mascara I do not feel it was anything my L’oreal mascara couldn’t do. I really can not rave enough about L’oreal mascaras and if you buy one lower end product after this post make it a L’oreal mascara and you will never look back.

Lip Liner: Lower end. I am absolutely obsessed with Jordana lip liner ( I think they only sell it in the states and it is one dollar from dollar store) and MUA lip liner which is also £1 and you can get it from Superdrug! Ladies let me tell you, I have found the perfect nude shade for me and its only £1, what could be better? MUA lip liners are so creamy and long-lasting, they come with a built-in sharpener and have such a lovely choice of colours. My favourite is called Caramel and I literally got my mum to send me a handful of lip pencils all the way to USA. I haven’t even tried many higher end lip liners because I see no reason to switch from my £1 lip liner! I love it that much!

Powder: Lower endOnce again I need to praise MUA for creating the best powder to set under eye concealer for only £3. I have tried the Chanel mattifying powder and whilst it was ok, there is no way I would continue spending so much money on powder when MUA have an amazing one. The thing I love about the MUA powder is the texture as it is so silky that it glides onto the skin and doesn’t get oily during the day. I don’t use much powder personally as I don’t like to set my whole face with powder but when I do, I find my lower end powder does more for the look I want than my Chanel one.

Bronzer: Higher end. I like that higher end bronzers tend to have more of a brown colour rather than an orangey colour that most lower end brands have meaning a less orange shade can also pass as a contour shadow. I do like the Benefit bronzers which have become quite a cult favourite and don’t look orangey. However there is one lower end bronzer I really rate, actually I don’t even know if it counts as lower end as it was £22 from KIKO. It was from the premium range designed by Ross Lovegrove in shade 201 I believe. You get so much for your money and it smells divine too!

Eyeliner: Lower end. I personally feel any kohl eye pencil can do the trick of opening up the eyes and I adore Maybelline gel pot eyeliner for defining my eyes. The trick is to get a waterproof eyeliner as they won’t come off easily so therefore are long-lasting. A bonus is that when you wash your eyes some residue is gonna be left on your lash line giving the appearance of thicker lashes for a few more days until the waterproof product finally comes off. I did have a Lancome kohl pencil and just did not see why people would pay 14£ for a kohl pencil when lower end brands can triumph.

Concealer: Both. I use my Clinique foundation as a concealer to cover blemishes but for under eye concealer I love Maybelline age renewal eye concealer in the lightest shade they have as it really makes my eyes pop from the contrast of black mascara and pale under eyes. I know many beauty influencers praise Maybelline age renewal but I totally see why, it is so long-lasting on the skin, creamy and non-sticky plus gives a decent coverage. I use a foundation to cover my blemishes because I like it to match the exact shade of my face so I can blend away the blemish into my skin colour rather than creating an obvious cover up attempt with a concealer a different shade to my face.

Highlight: Lower end. Revolution Highlighter is my life, need I say more. I will link my post dedicated to the wonders of this £3 highlight: This highlight? It’s £3!

These are the main comparisons I wanted to make, I didn’t want to start comparing blush or lipstick as I feel they are very unique to people’s own likes. In terms of lipsticks I don’t wear them too much either so didn’t feel it was right to review and analyse them!

I hope this post was beneficial in evaluating whether it is worth spending money on something expensive, remember these are just my opinions! Let me know if you guys have any favourite high-end or low-end products!